The main reasons affecting the dynamic accuracy of high-speed CNC drilling machine are special factors such as machine tool rigidity and vibration resistance. Rigidity refers to the strength of the machine tool's ability to resist deformation under external force. The stronger the rigidity of the
2023/02/17 09:58
CNC high-speed drilling machine consists of bed body, worktable, mobile gantry, CNC slide table, CNC vertical ram drill, automatic chip conveyor and circulating cooling device, automatic lubrication and protection device, tool magazine, probe system, balance system, pneumatic system, electrical
2023/02/14 16:31
As we all know, high-precision parts are inseparable from high-end CNC drilling machines. What can we do to maintain machine tool performance? Many enterprises and individuals often do not pay enough attention to it, and the equipment is damaged before its normal service life. In this regard, the
2023/02/10 10:20
⒈ The drill bits should be installed in a special packing box to avoid vibrations from colliding with each other. CNC plane drilling. 2. When in use, take out the drill bit from the packing box and immediately install it in the spring collet of the spindle or in the tool magazine for automatically
2023/02/06 17:07
Three-dimensional numerical control drilling machine is an efficient numerical control equipment for three-sided drilling of workpieces such as H-shaped steel, channel steel, and box beams in the steel structure industry. It is the key to the quality assurance of large-scale production of steel
2023/01/07 16:08
Engraving machines are relatively common in our lives and are used more often. For the use of engraving machines, the type of tool cannot be ignored. For the engraving of the engraving machine to drive, it is carved by hand one by one, which takes a long time and requires a lot of work. ? With the
2023/01/03 11:12
Features and parameters of straight pipe flange group butt welding machine The straight pipe flange group butt welding machine is used for the port butt joint of the hot coil flange, which can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of the hot coil flange welding, and ensure that the welding
2022/12/08 09:53
my country's construction steel structure started earlier, industry standards and norms are becoming more and more perfect, industry talents (including design, installation, construction) have gradually formed a scale, and some high-quality companies have begun to undertake overseas projects. Since
2022/12/01 11:08
?What is the difference between machining centers, drilling and tapping machines, and engraving and milling machines? What kind of equipment should you buy? As a user, of course, you have to choose the right device, let me talk to you about the differences between the three. 1. Machining centers
2022/11/23 09:45
CNC machine tool is the abbreviation of CNC processing machine tool. It is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program-controlled system.. CNC drilling machine belongs to metal cutting CNC machine tools. It is mainly used for drilling, expansion, expansion, tapping and other processing. ..In
2022/11/15 10:06
What are the differences between CNC drilling machines and ordinary drilling machines? 1. Highly flexible Machining parts on CNC machine tools mainly depends on the processing program. It is different from ordinary machine tools. It does not need to be manufactured, replace many molds and fixtures
2022/11/03 17:12
? CNC drilling machines are widely used in many factories and enterprises in our country, because they have advantages that ordinary drilling machines do not have, such as convenient operation, flexibility, wide application range, typicality, etc. are widely used reason. As a common machine tool,
2022/10/31 14:32